“We will bury neoliberalism and rebuild the world.”

The Progressive International statement on Chile’s historic election.
The Progressive International salutes the people of Chile for their courage in the struggle against Pinochetismo and their determination to overcome efforts to suppress their vote in Sunday’s election to elect Gabriel Boric to the presidency with the most votes of any president in the country’s history.

We are proud to stand with our Council member Giorgio Jackson, our organizational member Convergencia Social, and their president-elect Gabriel Boric as they prepare to lead Chile on the long road out of neoliberalism and into a new constitutional order defined by social, economic, and environmental justice.

Since the start of this year’s democratic process, the Progressive International has raised alarm about the rising threat to Chilean democracy from the reactionary right and its figurehead, José Antonio Kast. Delegates from the Observatory traveled to Santiago to meet with workers, activists, and members of the Constitutional Convention to help internationalize the defense of women, migrants, Indigenous nations, and the planet from Kast’s authoritarian agenda.

On election day, these threats became reality. A sudden blackout of bus services in Santiago and across the country forced voters to endure long commutes in the summer heat to express their basic right to a free and fair vote.

But against these efforts at voter suppression, the people of Chile offered their cars, vans, and motorcycles to assist their neighbors to get to the polls. The result was clear and resounding: a rejection of Kast’s program of fear and an embrace of Boric’s program of hope.

Renata Ávila, member of the Progressive International Cabinet, said: “The people of Chile have voted like never before. They mobilized not only to defeat hate, but to support a new progressive vision led by Gabriel Boric and the diverse coalition behind him. We celebrate a future written now by the people. We will be supporting the new government, that brings a message of hope and possibility to all progressive forces in the world.”

Progressive International member Convergencia Social welcomes this solidarity: “For decades, our people have expressed their dreams and hopes on the streets and in the squares. Through creativity and hope, we have built the road to a new Chile, one that is more democratic, one with social rights and a new way of relating to the environment.”

Now, we will travel down that road to a new Chile. Together, we will bury neoliberalism and rebuild the world.

Photo: Gabriel Campos

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