“We condemn the cruel murder of our brothers and sisters”

A statement from the General Confederation of Workers of Perú.
CGTP is the largest trade union federation in Perú, founded in 1929 by José Carlos Mariátegui. In this statement, they condemn the repression of the “civil-military dictatorship that murders our brothers and sisters.”

The government of Dina Boluarte, backed by extremist sectors of the coup-plotting Congress, the Armed Forces and the Peruvian National Police, with the approval of the oligarchy and the media establishment, has formed a civic-military dictatorship, giving carte blanche to the Armed Forces to savagely repress unarmed demonstrators, so far killing 24 compatriots. 

The CGTP strongly condemns the cruel murder of protesting brothers and sisters, accusing them as ‘vandals' and ‘terrorists’ to justify their repression. Sooner or later, the perpetrators of these crimes — both the masterminds and the physical perpetrators — will answer before the courts of justice for these crimes against humanity. 

The coup government is also persecuting social organizations by raiding their headquarters. Faced with this, we emphasize the citizen's right to protest and demand the freedom of popular leaders and the restitution of democratic freedoms. Social dialogue, which the government says it aims to undertake, cannot be coerced with bullets. 

Those who make up the unconstitutional 'Council of State' have also embarked on this extremist and coup adventure: from the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial powers, as well as the Constitutional Court, Prosecutor's Office, and others, undermining the separation of powers. 

We reject the mobilization of fascistic extremist sectors in a so-called "march for peace" with the underhanded purpose of generating clashes among our citizens. 

The democratic solution to the current crisis is to bring forward the general elections, giving power to the sovereign people, calling for a Constituent Assembly to redesign a democratic and inclusive State that puts the interests of people before the oligopolies, the political elites at their service and the mafias of all kinds entrenched in the State. 

The working class remains in permanent mobilization. In the next few days a National Assembly of Delegates will be called to agree on the call for a National Strike, within the framework of a set of actions. 

Lima, December 19, 2022 

Signed by the CGTP National Council

Gerónimo López Sevillano, Secretary General of the CGTP

Photo: Zoe Alexandra

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