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The Progressive International introduces a weekly show connecting struggles across the planet.
“We will win.” When the fascists began marching through Europe, this was the slogan that their occupying forces left as graffiti, even in the farthest islands of the Adriatic Sea: Vinceremo. "We will win".
“We will win.” When the fascists began marching through Europe, this was the slogan that their occupying forces left as graffiti, even in the farthest islands of the Adriatic Sea: Vinceremo. "We will win".

Today, a reactionary international rises again. Like the fascists before them, they coordinate across borders, share tactics, and shake hands at international conferences. “There’s a class war, all right,” billionaire Warren Buffett has said, “but it’s my class, the rich class, that is making war, and we’re winning.”

Back in 1941, on the island of Vis, the local youth hid out to scribble over the fascist graffiti. They changed a few letters: Vedremo! “We will see.”

It is in this spirit of defiance that movements around the world are today taking shape, fighting authoritarian leaders and their corporate allies alike. “We will see,” they say, taking to the streets in rebellion.

Our challenge now is to join together in this act of defiance. Our liberation can never be local: in the context of our escalating climate crisis and permanent nuclear threat, it is internationalism or extinction.

This is why the Progressive International is launching The Internationalist, a new weekly program that will bring you news from the front of our struggles around the world, connecting across territories and oceans, nations and generations.

The Internationalist sends our message — Vederemo! — across this planet, building the solidarity necessary for us to organize, educate and agitate against the masters of the Apocalypse.

A preview of the December 2020 program below:

1 DECEMBER: The launch of The Internationalist with a special show dedicated to the Make Amazon Pay campaign — with Saskia Sassen (Columbia University), Christy Hoffman (UNI Global), and Casper Gelderblom (Progressive International). To register, click here.

4 DECEMBER: PI Cabinet member Varsha Gandikota hosts an important discussion on Intimacy and Internationalism: Learning from Feminist Movements with Dilar Dirik, Djamila Ribeiro and Lynne Segal.

10th December: On the occasion of International Human Rights Day, we return with the second sessions of the Belmarsh Tribunal, demanding the release of Julian Assange as the Covid-19 pandemic escalates at Belmarsh Prison

17 December: Exactly 10 years after the self-immolation of Mohamed Bouazizi sparked massive uprisings in the Arab world, PI Council member Ahdaf Soueif hosts a panel on the lessons of these historic events for our struggles today, with Ziad Majed, Khaled Mansour, and Nesrine Jelalia

In the days and weeks to come, The Internationalist will bring you critical perspectives and grassroots accounts of the key struggles of our time, with guests from across the PI membership and beyond.

If you would like to stay up to date on The Internationalist, click here. If you want to support our work relying on many volunteers, please consider donating.

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