Introducing ‘The Internationalist’

The Progressive International launches a weekly newsletter to bring you essays, analysis, interviews, and artwork from our global network.
Who can keep up with the world?
Who can keep up with the world?
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Every day, our devices assault us with information. A food crisis in Sri Lanka. A campaign of repression in Turkey. A new Pink Tide in Latin America. Yet another Prime Minister in the United Kingdom. Stories flash through headlines and timelines, then disappear as fresh crises erupt in other parts of the planet.

Many of the most important stories never appear at all. Mainstream outlets rarely cover the critical events that shape the lives and livelihoods of people around the world. Coups in Mali, Burkina Faso and Guinea — all occurring within the last two years — go ignored. The floods in Pakistan — the most devastating climate event in modern history — are noted, then dismissed.

Critical voices rarely reach the surface. We hear Western pundits proffer their takes, filtered through algorithms designed to maximize corporate profits. Frontline perspectives remain out of reach — in languages we do not speak, on platforms we cannot see.

Internationalism begins with understanding. We cannot act on what we do not know. We cannot provide solidarity to what we cannot see.

That is why the Progressive International is launching The Internationalist, a weekly newsletter to bring you essays, analysis, interviews, and artwork from our global network — connecting across territories and oceans, nations and generations.

The newsletter will be available by subscription — a source of support to authors featured in The Internationalist, and to the editors that deliver the newsletter to your inbox each week.

Subscribe to The Internationalist for $5/month (standard) or $10/month (solidarity) to get a weekly dose of internationalism, including:

  • Exclusive interviews with politicians and policymakers from around the world.
  • Stories of struggle from trade unions, social movements, and political parties.
  • Inspiring art, posters, and prints from the archives of internationalism.
  • Findings from academic research and original in-house investigations.
  • Dispatches from delegations, inaugurations, and days of direct action.
  • Perspectives on politics, culture, and other burning issues.
  • Original translations of historic speeches, essays, and literature.

Inaugural issues are already at the press. Cornel West explains why ‘internationalism is the starting point’; Walden Bello recounts his arrest and detention in the increasingly repressive Philippines; Hito Steyerl discusses the emergence of digital colonialism.

Stunning speeches from Xiomara Castro to Garcia Linera are translated into English for the first time, along with historical works from theorists like Periyar, Karl Marx, and Rosa Luxembourg.

Subscribe to The Internationalist today. Our inaugural offer includes a 10% discount at the PI Workshop featuring beautiful artworks and designs made in support of our Members' campaigns.

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Image: Gabriel Silveira

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