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The following declaration was read on the steps of the Presidential Palace by Colombian Congresswoman María Fernanda Carrascal, co-General Coordinator David Adler, and Honduran Deputy Foreign Minister Gerardo Torres Zelaya.

Today, 13 November 2023:

  1. The international delegation of diplomats, parliamentarians, analysts, and experts that has traveled to Tegucigalpa in solidarity with people of Honduras and the popular government of President Xiomara Castro INFORMS;
  2. Following three days of dialogue with citizens, communities, Members of Congress, and representatives from across the Government of Honduras on the permanent resistance against the Zedes, the Zones of Employment and Economic Development that attempt to privatise national sovereignty;
  3. Recalling the coup d’etat that robbed the Honduran people of their right to self-determination, and wrought 12 years and six months of destruction to the security, prosperity, and sovereignty of the Republic;
  4. Stressing the exceptional scandal of the Zedes, an authoritarian abuse of the most sacred rights of the Honduran people for the pirate, sordid, petty interest of foreign corporations;
  5. Calling the Zedes by their true name: corporate colonialism; a criminal violation of Honduran sovereignty and the social, economic, and environmental rights of its citizens;
  6. Saluting the project of democratic socialist refoundation undertaken since the start of the present presidential mandate in pursuit of prosperity and justice for all Hondurans;
  7. Condemning the cases brought against the Government of Honduras for the democratic decision to derogate the Zedes law, a campaign to bankrupt the nation carried out in the dark corridors of international arbitration courts;
  8. Stressing the threat that these cases present not only to the people of Honduras, but to all peoples of the global South who seek to challenge corporate colonialism through democratic means;

We resolve to:

Constitute the International Movement for Honduras in Resistance: To convene allies from across the world to contribute to present struggle for the democratic refoundation of Honduras;

Accompany Honduras in the Presidency Pro-Tempore of CELAC: To support the government of President Xiomara Castro to seize the opportunity of its 2024 CELAC Presidency to forge a new agenda for Latin American sovereignty;

Spread the Spirit of Resistance Across the World: To learn from the example of President Xiomara Castro’s ‘Government in Resistance’, and to sustain the international dialogue initiated here in the days, months, and years to come.

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