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Honduras Resiste


End the Nakba


Western Sahara Will Be Liberated!


Forum for Peace


Stop Bolsonaro. Defend the Amazon. Stand with its Peoples.


Summit for Vaccine Internationalism


Make Amazon Pay


The Belmarsh Tribunal


For the Sovereignty of the Ecuadorian People


Hands Off Cuba



"For the Many, Not the Few" — An Evening with Jeremy Corbyn in Mumbai

The Belmarsh Tribunal - Sydney


The Progressive International arrives in Palestine


Sign: “Elliott Abrams is a war criminal. Sack him now.”


"South Africa, you have reinforced our faith in humanity"

Over 60 organizations from across the African continent congratulate the Government of South Africa for its ICJ case against the genocide being committed by Israel against the Palestinian people"

”Today, India lurches toward full-fledged fascism.”

Statement from the Cabinet of the Progressive International on Narendra Modi’s Fundamentalist Turn

The Belmarsh Tribunal to sit in Washington D.C. and demands “Free the Truth”

On 9 December 2023, the Belmarsh Tribunal will return to Washington D.C.

The Tegucigalpa Forum announces the “International Movement for Honduras in Resistance”

A new movement, convened by the Progressive International and the Presidency of Honduras, will support the Honduran people to defeat corporate colonialism.

Palestinian Youth Movement: The First Week

PI member the Palestinian Youth Movement makes an urgent appeal for principled solidarity with the Palestinian resistance.

Make Amazon Pay campaign to hold international summit

On 27 and 28 October 2023, Manchester, United Kingdom, will host the first-ever Summit to Make Amazon Pay.

2023 Palestine Delegation: Report

In May, the Progressive International delegation to Palestine visited East Jerusalem, Hebron, Bethlehem, the Naqab Desert, and Ramallah.

WAELE Africa: Statement and Urgent Call on Sudan War

PI Member WAELE Africa issues an urgent call for a ceasefire and safe passage to those affected by the war in Sudan.

Palestinian Trade Unions' Anti-Apartheid Call

Palestinian trade unions and professional syndicates issue a global call for solidarity with the Palestinian-led Anti-Apartheid Movement.

MeRA: "For a General Strike in Greece"

Following a violent attack on Secretary Yanis Varoufakis, MeRA25 takes to the streets to demand justice for the victims of the 28 February train crash.

The Kurdish Women’s Movement joins PI

The Kurdish Women’s Movement is an organised coalition of women who have been fighting against patriarchy, colonialism, capitalism and oppressive nation states for 30 years and has had a profound impact on Kurdistan, the Middle East, and beyond in its fight for democratic social change.

DiEM25: Kurdish plight continues as the EU and US pander to Erdogan’s regime

The destructive earthquakes are being used by the Turkish government to continue piling pressure on the repeatedly betrayed Kurdish people.

Strikes and protests in over 35 countries to Make Amazon Pay

Amazon will face strikes in at least 18 warehouses in France and Germany, worker walkouts in the US and protests in over 30 countries around the world in a massive day of action coordinated by the Make Amazon Pay coalition.

SYKP: Massacre in Zaxo

The Central Executive Committee of PI member SYKP issued a statement on the attack by the Turkish Armed Forces in Zaxo yesterday, in which 9 people, including 8 children, lost their lives.

Mathare Social Justice Centre petition to the Kenyan government

PI member Mathare Social Justice Centre (MSJC) joined a major mobilisation in Nairobi, Kenya, demanding food for all.

“Down with state repression in Ecuador!”

The Progressive International statement on the National Strike in Ecuador.

Inquiry into IMF hears calls to take the Fund to the International Court of Justice over “illegality, impunity and disregard for human rights”

The Progressive International held an Inquiry into the IMF that heard evidence from lawyers, experts and parliamentarians from nine countries.

Zakhist Pratsi: To the workers of the world: we need your help!

PI Member Zakhist Pratsi issues an appeal for solidarity to the workers of the world.

Left Block Activist Fined Under New Censorship Laws

An activist of PI Member Left Block has become the first victim of Russia’s new war-time censorship laws.

Statement from the Cabinet on the war in Ukraine

Emergency Session 04 March 2022

Convergencia Social calls for international solidarity ahead of the electoral process in Chile

Urgent appeal from Progressive International member Convergencia Social to all democratic forces of the world.

Amazon faces strikes and protests throughout its supply chain and across 25 countries on Black Friday

The protests are organised by the Make Amazon Pay campaign.

Time to Make Amazon Pay

Make Amazon Pay coalition announces global programme of strikes and protests in at least 20 countries on Black Friday

Peace & Justice Project: Solidarity with the Bolivian people!

PI member Peace & Justice Project, founded by Jeremy Corbyn, condemns a new coup attempt by the racist extreme right in Bolivia.

SYKP: With EU funding, Turkey is making immigrants' lives a nightmare!

PI Member SYKP on the EU-Turkey refugee deal and the recent attacks against refugees in Turkey.

Left Block: Hands off Doxa!

Statement of solidarity from PI Member Left Block for independent magazine DOXA.

NAPM condemns fabricated FIRs and arbitrary raids on activists’ homes in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana

NIA and UAPA have become tools of stifling all democratic assertion and dissent by the current regime.

Progressive International election observer mission lands in Ecuador

Our delegation arrives to support the people of Ecuador exercise their rights freely and fairly and to help preserve democracy.

The Progressive International welcomes Coalition for Revolution (CORE) to the Movement

CORE is a coalition of revolutionary socialist, Pan-Africanist and radical democratic organisations and political parties in Nigeria.

Wave of arrests in ongoing persecution of the Congreso de los Pueblos’ national leaders

These arbitrary detentions are part of the systematic persecution of social movements by the Colombian government.

NAPM: Stand with the farmers, strike in the Bharat Bandh

Withdraw the anti-farmer laws; Uphold farmers’ sovereignty.

The Progressive International welcomes Common Wealth to the Movement

Common Wealth is a progressive think tank designing ownership models for a more democratic and sustainable economy.

The Progressive International welcomes Levica to the Movement

Levica (The Left) is a green and democratic socialist political party from Slovenia

Progressive International election observer mission lands in Bolivia

"Our delegation arrives as friends of all movements fighting for popular sovereignty across the planet.”

A Victory for Democracy in Ecuador

Since launch in May of 2020, the Progressive International has fought alongside activists and movements around the world to reclaim the sovereignty of the Ecuadorian people.

Overcoming Fear, Taking Back Power: Trinational Workers Toolkit

The Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung releases its Trinational Workers Toolkit.

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