"We will not be complicit in Israel’s grave violation of international law."

Parliamentarians across Israel’s top military partners call for an immediate arms embargo.
Over 200 legislators from 13 countries unite to oppose their countries’ arms exports to Israel.
Over 200 legislators from 13 countries unite to oppose their countries’ arms exports to Israel.

We, the undersigned parliamentarians, declare our commitment to end our nations’ arms sales to the State of Israel.

Our bombs and bullets must not be used to kill, maim, and dispossess Palestinians. But they are: we know that lethal weapons and their parts, made or shipped through our countries, currently aid the Israeli assault on Palestine that has claimed over 30,000 lives across Gaza and the West Bank.

We cannot wait. Following the interim ruling by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on the Genocide Convention case against the State of Israel, an arms embargo has moved beyond a moral necessity to become a legal requirement.

We will not be complicit in Israel’s grave violation of international law. The ICJ ordered Israel not to kill, harm or “deliberately [inflict] on the [Palestinians] conditions of life calculated to bring about… physical destruction.” They have refused. Instead, they press on with a planned assault on Rafah that the Secretary General of the United Nations has warned will "exponentially increase what is already a humanitarian nightmare."

Today, we take a stand. We will take immediate and coordinated action in our respective legislatures to stop our countries from arming Israel.


Adam Bandt, Australian Parliament Barbara Pocock, Australian Parliament David Shoebridge, Australian Parliament Dorinda Cox, Australian Parliament Elizabeth Watson-Brown, Australian Parliament Janet Rice, Australian Parliament Jordon Steele-John, Australian Parliament Larissa Waters, Australian Parliament Lidia Thorpe, Australian Parliament Max Chandler-Mather, Australian Parliament Mehreen Faruqi, Australian Parliament Nick McKim, Australian Parliament Penny Allman-Payne, Australian Parliament Peter Whish-Wilson, Australian Parliament Sarah Hanson-Young, Australian Parliament Stephen Bates, Australian Parliament Ludwig Vandenhove, Belgian Federal Parliament Melissa Depraetere, Belgian Federal Parliament Peter Mertens, Belgian Federal Parliament Jos D’Haese, Belgium, Flemish Parliament Germain Mugemangango, Belgium, Walloon Parliament Ana Cristina de Lima Pimentel, Brazilian National Congress Camila Bazachi Jara Marzochi, Brazilian National Congress Célia Xakriabá, Brazilian National Congress Chico Alencar, Brazilian National Congress Erika Hilton, Brazilian National Congress Fernanda Melchionna, Brazilian National Congress Fernando Mineiro, Brazilian National Congress Glauber Braga, Brazilian National Congress Guilherme Boulos, Brazilian National Congress Henrique Vieira, Brazilian National Congress Ivan Valente, Brazilian National Congress João Carlos, Brazilian National Congress José Airton Cirilo, Brazilian National Congress Luciene Cavalcante, Brazilian National Congress Luiza Erundina, Brazilian National Congress Nilto Tatto, Brazilian National Congress Paulo Fernando dos Santos, Brazilian National Congress Rogerio Correia de Moura Baptista, Brazilian National Congress Rubens Otoni, Brazilian National Congress Sâmia Bomfim, Brazilian National Congress Tadeu Veneri, Brazilian National Congress Talíria Petrone, Brazilian National Congress Tarcísio Motta, Brazilian National Congress Washington Quaquá, Brazilian National Congress Matthew Green, Canadian Parliament Niki Ashton, Canadian Parliament Leah Gazan, Canadian Parliament Lori Idlout, Canadian Parliament Lindsay Mathyssen, Canadian Parliament Adrien Quatennens, French National Assembly Alexis Corbière, French National Assembly Alma Dufour, French National Assembly Andrée Taurinya, French National Assembly Andy Kerbrat, French National Assembly Anne Stambach-Terrenoir, French National Assembly Antoine Léaument, French National Assembly Arnaud Le Gall, French National Assembly Aurélie Trouvé, French National Assembly Aurélien Saintoul, French National Assembly Aymeric Caron, French National Assembly Bastien Lachaud, French National Assembly Carlos Martens Bilongo, French National Assembly Caroline Fiat, French National Assembly Catherine Couturier, French National Assembly Charlotte Leduc, French National Assembly Christophe Bex, French National Assembly Clémence Guetté, French National Assembly Clémentine Autain, French National Assembly Damien Maudet, French National Assembly Danièle Obono, French National Assembly Danielle Simonnet, French National Assembly David Guiraud, French National Assembly Élisa Martin, French National Assembly Élise Leboucher, French National Assembly Emmanuel Fernandes, French National Assembly Éric Coquerel, French National Assembly Ersilia Soudais, French National Assembly Farida Amrani, French National Assembly Florian Chauche, French National Assembly François Piquemal, French National Assembly François Ruffin, French National Assembly Frédéric Mathieu, French National Assembly Gabriel Amard, French National Assembly Hadrien Clouet, French National Assembly Hendrik Davi, French National Assembly Idir Boumertit, French National Assembly Jean-François Coulomme, French National Assembly Jean-Hugues Ratenon, French National Assembly Jean-Luc Mélenchon, French National Assembly

Jean-Philippe Nilor, French National Assembly Jérôme Legavre, French National Assembly Karen Erodi, French National Assembly Laurent Alexandre, French National Assembly Léo Walter, French National Assembly Loïc Prud'homme, French National Assembly Louis Boyard, French National Assembly Manon Meunier, French National Assembly Manuel Bompard, French National Assembly Marianne Maximi, French National Assembly Martine Etienne, French National Assembly Mathilde Hignet, French National Assembly Mathilde Panot, French National Assembly Matthias Tavel, French National Assembly Maxime Laisney, French National Assembly Michel Sala, French National Assembly Murielle Lepvraud, French National Assembly Nadège Abomangoli, French National Assembly Nathalie Oziol, French National Assembly Pascale Martin, French National Assembly Paul Vannier, French National Assembly Perceval Gaillard, French National Assembly Rachel Keke, French National Assembly Raquel Garrido, French National Assembly René Pilato, French National Assembly Rodrigo Arenas, French National Assembly Sarah Legrain, French National Assembly Sébastien Delogu, French National Assembly Sébastien Rome, French National Assembly Ségolène Amiot, French National Assembly Sophia Chikirou, French National Assembly Sylvain Carrière, French National Assembly Sylvie Ferrer, French National Assembly Thomas Portes, French National Assembly Ugo Bernalicis, French National Assembly William Martinet, French National Assembly Andrej Hunko, German Bundestag Ates Gürpinar, German Bundestag Bernd Riexinger, German Bundestag Kathrin Vogler, German Bundestag Nicole Gohlke, German Bundestag Sevim Dagdelen, German Bundestag Thomas Pringle, Irish Oireachtas Jimmy Dijk, Parliament of the Netherlands Sarah Dobbe, Parliament of the Netherlands Isabel Pires, Portuguese Parliament Joana Mortágua, Portuguese Parliament José Soeiro, Portuguese Parliament Mariana Mortágua, Portuguese Parliament Pedro Filipe Soares, Portuguese Parliament Águeda Micó, Spanish Cortes Generales Agustín Santos, Spanish Cortes Generales Aina Vidal, Spanish Cortes Generales Alberto Ibañez, Spanish Cortes Generales Carlos Martín, Spanish Cortes Generales Eloi Badia, Spanish Cortes Generales Engracia Rivera, Spanish Cortes Generales Engracia Rivera Arias, Spanish Cortes Generales Enrique Santiago, Spanish Cortes Generales Esther Gil de Reboleño, Spanish Cortes Generales Félix Alonso, Spanish Cortes Generales Francisco Sierra, Spanish Cortes Generales Gala Pin, Spanish Cortes Generales Gerardo Pisarello, Spanish Cortes Generales Gorka Elejabarrieta, Spanish Cortes Generales Hèctor Sánchez Mira, Spanish Cortes Generales Íñigo Errejón, Spanish Cortes Generales Ione Belarra, Spanish Cortes Generales Javier Sánchez, Spanish Cortes Generales Joan Queralt Jiménez, Spanish Cortes Generales Jorge Pueyo, Spanish Cortes Generales Josu Estarrona, Spanish Cortes Generales Juan Antonio Valero, Spanish Cortes Generales Lander Martínez, Spanish Cortes Generales Laura Castel, Spanish Cortes Generales Manuel Lago, Spanish Cortes Generales Mertxe Aizpurua, Spanish Cortes Generales Nahuel González, Spanish Cortes Generales Oskar Matute, Spanish Cortes Generales Rafael Cofiño, Spanish Cortes Generales Tesh Andala, Spanish Cortes Generales Txema Guijarro, Spanish Cortes Generales Verónica Martínez, Spanish Cortes Generales Vicenç Vidal, Spanish Cortes Generales Adalet Kaya, Turkish Grand National Assembly Burcugul Cubuk, Turkish Grand National Assembly Cengiz Çandar, Turkish Grand National Assembly George Aslan, Turkish Grand National Assembly Gulcan Kacmaz Sayyigit, Turkish Grand National Assembly Gulistan Kılıc Kocyigit, Turkish Grand National Assembly Halide Turkoglu, Turkish Grand National Assembly İbrahim Akin, Turkish Grand National Assembly Kamuran Tanhan, Turkish Grand National Assembly Omer Faruk Gergerlioglu, Turkish Grand National Assembly Ozgul Saki, Turkish Grand National Assembly Semra Gokalp Caglar, Turkish Grand National Assembly Sevilay Çelenk, Turkish Grand National Assembly Sezai Temelli, Turkish Grand National Assembly Sezgin Tanrıkulu, Turkish Grand National Assembly Alan Brown, UK Parliament Allan Dorans, UK Parliament Amy Callaghan, UK Parliament Anne McLaughlin, UK Parliament Apsana Begum, UK Parliament Bell Ribeiro-Addy, UK Parliament Beth Winter, UK Parliament Chris Stephens, UK Parliament Christine Blower, UK Parliament Claudia Webbe, UK Parliament Clive Lewis, UK Parliament Colum Eastwood, UK Parliament David Linden, UK Parliament Deidre Brock, UK Parliament Diane Abbott, UK Parliament Gavin Newlands, UK Parliament Grahame Morris, UK Parliament Ian Byrne, UK Parliament Ian Lavery, UK Parliament Ian Mearns, UK Parliament Imran Hussain, UK Parliament Jeremy Corbyn, UK Parliament Joanna Cherry, UK Parliament John Hendy, UK Parliament John McDonnell, UK Parliament Jon Trickett, UK Parliament Kate Hollern, UK Parliament Katy Clarke, UK Parliament Kim Johnson, UK Parliament Martyn Day, UK Parliament Mick Whitley, UK Parliament Nadia Whittome, UK Parliament Patricia Gibson, UK Parliament Philippa Whitford, UK Parliament Rachael Maskell, UK Parliament Richard Burgon, UK Parliament Richard Thomson, UK Parliament Sam Tarry, UK Parliament Stuart McDonald, UK Parliament Tommy Sheppard, UK Parliament Zarah Sultana, UK Parliament Chris Law, UK Parliament Lloyd Russell-Moyle, UK Parliament Cori Bush, US Congress Rashida Tlaib, US Congress Ben Lake, UK Parliament Mike Morrice, Canadian Parliament Gord Johns, Canadian Parliament Stephan van Baarle, Parliament of the Netherlands Nick McKim, Australian Parliament Paul Murphy, Irish Oireachtas Richard Boyd Barrett, Irish Oireachtas Kang Eun-mi, Korean National Assembly

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