Africa Is a CountryAfricaMedia
Akcja SocjalistycznaEuropePolitics
Akina Mama wa AfrikaEastern AfricaWomen's Rights
Aksi Ekologi & Emansipasi RakyatSoutheast AsiaEnvironment
AlboradaSouth AmericaMedia
Andhra Pradesh Vyvasaya Vruthidarula UnionSouth AsiaLabor
App Drivers & Couriers Union (ADCU)EuropeLabor
Arab Resource & Organizing Center (AROC) San Francisco, USAEconomy
Autonomous Design GroupEurope
BAOBAB for Women’s Human RightsWestern AfricaWomen's Rights
BidayatMiddle East & Northern AfricaMedia
Boza SurEuropeMigration
BrandworkersNorth AmericaLabor
Brasil WireSouth AmericaMedia
BulatlatSoutheast AsiaMedia
CODEPINKNorth AmericaWar & Peace
Catalunya En ComúEuropePolitics
Centre for Research and Action on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (CRADESC)Western AfricaResearch and Policy
Coalition for Revolution (CORE)Western AfricaPolitics
Collective Action in TechEuropeTechnology
Colombia InformaSouth AmericaMedia
Common WealthEuropeEconomy
Commons NetworkEuropeSocial Justice
Latin American Council of Social Sciences (CLACSO)Latin AmericaSocial Justice
Convergencia SocialSouth AmericaPolitics
Crash CourseGlobalBlueprint
De Olho Nos RuralistasSouth AmericaMedia
Declassified UKEuropeMedia
Democracy in Europe Movement 2025EuropePolitics
Din DengSoutheast AsiaMedia
DissentNorth AmericaMedia
El CiudadanoSouth AmericaMedia
Feminism In India (FII)South AsiaMedia
Fridays For Future SalamancaEuropeEnvironment
Haqooq-e-Khalq MovementSouth AsiaPolitics
Himal SouthasianSoutheast AsiaMedia
Imagined MalaysiaSoutheast AsiaResearch and Policy
Independent Workers Union of Great BritainEuropeLabor
IndoPROGRESSSouth East AsiaMedia
JacobinNorth AmericaMedia
JadaliyyaMiddle East & Northern AfricaMedia
JamhoorSouth AsiaMedia
JunputhSouth AsiaMedia
KC TenantsNorth AmericaHousing and Land Rights
Krytyka PolitycznaEuropeMedia
Landless People's MovementSouthern AfricaSocial Justice
Lausan CollectiveEast AsiaMedia
Le vent se lève (LVSL)EuropeMedia
Left BlockEurasiaPolitics
MOCCAMCentral AmericaCulture
Mada MasrMiddle East & Northern AfricaMedia
Mathare Social Justice CentreEastern AfricaSocial Justice
Mazdoor Kisan Shakti SangathanSouth AsiaSocial Justice
Migrants Organise EuropeMigration
MondoweissNorth AmericaMedia
Guatemalan Trade Union, Indigenous and Farmer Movement (MSICG)Central AmericaLabor
Namibian Domestic and Allied Workers UnionSouthern AfricaLabor
National Alliance of People's MovementsSouth AsiaSocial Justice
Ne davimo BeogradEuropePolitics
New BloomEast AsiaMedia
Novara MediaEuropeMedia
Nueva SociedadSouth AmericaMedia
Officine CivicheEuropePolitics
Organizata PolitikeEuropePolitics
Outras PalavrasSouth AmericaMedia
Pakistan Kissan Rabita CommitteeSouth AsiaLabor
Palestinian Youth Movement North AmericaSocial Justice
People's CongressSouth AmericaPolitics
Post Growth InstituteInternationalEconomy
Progressive DoctorsGlobalHealth
Qiao CollectiveNorth AmericaMedia
ROAR MagazineEuropeMedia
Revista ComúnCentral AmericaMedia
Sev BibarEuropeMedia
Solidarity Party of AfghanistanSouth AsiaPolitics
Sosyalist Yeniden Kuruluş Partisi (SYKP)EuropePolitics
Sudanese Professionals AssociationEastern AfricaLabor
Sunrise MovementNorth AmericaEnvironment
The All-Ukraine Independent Trade Union ‘Zakhyst Pratsi’ (AUITU Labour Protection)EuropeLabor
The ElephantEastern AfricaMedia
The Gravel InstituteNorth AmericaMedia
The NationNorth AmericaMedia
The Peace and Justice ProjectEuropePolitics
The Real News Network (TRNN)Baltimore, USMedia
The WireSouth AsiaMedia
The World TransformedEuropePolitics
Trabajadores Unidos por la TierraSouth AmericaEcology
VenezuelanalysisSouth AmericaMedia
Wiphalas Across the WorldGlobalMedia
Women Democratic FrontSouth AsiaWomen's Rights
ZCommunicationsNorth AmericaMedia
Zimbabwe People’s Land Rights Movement (ZPLRM)AfricaHousing and Land Rights
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