Welcome to the Movement

Empowering progressive activists and organisers.
Welcome to the Movement pillar of Progressive International.
Welcome to the Movement pillar of Progressive International.

The Movement is where activists and organizers from around the world come together to share resources, exchange tools, and organize actions that transcend borders.

Our mission is simple: to make solidarity more than a slogan.

Why Do We Need an Internationalist Movement?

From ecological collapse to economic inequality, the great challenges of our time are international.

Yet right-wing nationalists and their corporate allies have been the first to build an international infrastructure to advance an agenda of exclusion and exploitation.

Progressives forces are rising up against them. But despite shared aims and experiences, they lack an infrastructure to bind them together.

The Movement pillar aims to provide the connective tissue between progressive forces around the world.

Who We Are

We strive to be a movement of movements, bringing together progressive organizations of all kinds to advance a common vision.

Trade unions, indigenous liberation organizations, campaigns, alliances, parties, worker centers, anti-racist organizations, councils, coalitions, confederations, networks, feminist collectives, peasant or tenant unions, LGBT+ associations, affinity groups, institutes, cooperatives, pressure groups, communes, popular assemblies, or any other forms of progressive political organization — we welcome all in the Movement pillar of the Progressive International.

What We Do

The work of the Movement pillar is to support members of the Progressive International to amplify their messages, connect and build relationships, and coordinate their campaigns and actions.


The Movement provides a platform for activists and organizers around the world. This includes hosting live Forums, publishing statements, and promoting specific campaigns and actions — all translated across a range of languages.


The Movement facilitates connections between members, allowing them to share experiences, resources, tools, and tactics. By bringing together these disparate forces, the Movement pillar aims not only to strengthen solidarity, but also provide an opportunity to develop internationalist strategy.


The Movement is dedicated to actively expanding the membership of the Progressive International. As members share, exchange, learn, and coordinate, they not only advance their own objectives, but also open possibilities for collective action around a common agenda for change.

Join us!

All individuals are welcome to become members of the Progressive International and participate in activities of the Movement pillar.

If you are a member of a social movement, trade union, or other progressive organization, we also invite you to submit an application to join the Progressive International here.

If you have questions or are interested in learning more about the Progressive International, please reach out to Movement Coordinators based around the world at: movement@progressive.international.

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