We are designing a policy blueprint to transform the institutions that impact our lives, our communities, and the planet.

The Progressive International convenes activists, thinkers, and practitioners to develop the principles and policies of a progressive international order.

Explore the inaugural collection of the Blueprint pillar below.


Tech workers, bigger than Big Tech

Climate Justice Means Debt Justice

Debt as Gendered Oppression

Pay Reparations and Redistribute Prosperity

Make Banking Cooperative

Delete the Debt: Africa's Liberation from Debt Supremacy

Take Back Our Institutions

Socialize Don’t Financialize

Democratize Finance

Bail Out the People

No More Global Debt Inequalities

Investment, Not Extraction

Our Debt is Not Your Profit

Rights Not Debts

No Illegitimate Debt

Capitalism's Most Inhumane Display: The Covid-19 Vaccine Business

Debt as Collective Strength

Debt as Racial Capitalism

Debt as Surveillance

Debt‌ ‌as‌ ‌Exploitation‌‌

Debt as Colonialism

A Blueprint for Debt Justice

End the War on Human Life

All Health Is Public Health

Policy Briefing: Debt Justice at the G20

The IMF's austerity drive comes for the Central Bank of Ecuador

Debt Justice Group: “Once again, we must stand against austerity in Ecuador”

Achal Prabhala: Technocracy Will Not End the Pandemic

Dear WTO: Covid-19 Vaccine is a Global Public Good

Kai Bosworth: Climate Populism & its Limits

Laurie Macfarlane: A Just Covid-19 Response is an Internationalist One

Linsey McGoey: Philanthrocapitalism Will Not Protect Us

Dana Brown: Communities at the Centre of Pandemic Response

Helen Yaffe: We Must Learn From Cuba

Diyana Yahaya: Feminist Trade Justice for Pandemic Resolution

Announcing the Covid-19 Response Collective

Lehuedé, Filimonov, & Higgins: Dissent & Democracy in Covid-19

Abrahams-Fayker: Privatization and Profits in South Africa

Lim: What a Green New Deal Would Mean for Malaysia

Mader: We Must Learn From Defiant Debtors

Kvangraven: An Anti-Imperialist Call for Debt Justice

Debt Justice Group to IMF: "Defuse Ecuador's Debt Time Bomb!"

Ddamba, Nelson & Ramana: Energy, Injustice & the Green New Deal

Getachew et al: A Movement-Driven Feminist Foreign Policy

Alves & Kvangraven: Reclaiming Economics After Covid-19

Fletcher et al: A New Future for Conservation

Molon: Taking back our future: for a green and just ‘new normal’

Petro: The Role of Progressivism in a Time of Pandemic and Extinction

Barreto: Ecosocialism in Venezuela and the North-South Struggle

Announcing the Debt Justice Collective

Diab: Debt Justice Is an Internationalist Project

Pistor: An Alternative to Our Debt-Ridden System

Jakema & Davis: Debt & Gender in Sierra Leone

Parvez: A New International Movement for Debt Justice

Appel: Debtors’ Unions, Reparative Public Goods, and the Future of Finance

Tricontinental: CoronaShock and Socialism

Comelli: The Debt Narrative is Dead Wrong

Meredith Tax: Towards an Internationalist Foreign Policy

Robert Pollin: Climate Crisis and the Coronavirus

Holly Jean Buck: How to Decolonize the Atmosphere

Alexander Kentikelenis: Against the Gentleman's Agreement

Kozul-Wright & Gallagher: The Fierce Urgency of Now

Ávila & Arauz: Decolonise the Green New Deal

Adolfo Aguirre: To Create the Negotiating Table from Below

Collard & Dempsey: Patriarchy is an Ecological Regime

Geoff Tily: The Grip of Brotherhood the World O'er

Todd Tucker: The Green New Deal Has an International Law Problem

Lula da Silva & Celso Amorim: For a Multipolar World

López Obrador: Rebuilding the World After Covid-19

Johanna Bozuwa: Public Services for the Planet

Nicholas Shaxson: Finance Curse and the Green New Deal

Ben Tarnoff: Covid-19 and the Cloud

Indorewala & Wagh: City Planning Before and After the Pandemic

Benjamin Braun: Socialize Central Bank Planning

Grace Blakeley: The Future Will Be Planned

Azmanova & Galbraith: Disaster Capitalism or the Green New Deal

Carola Rackete & Claire Wordley: Biodiversity Now!

Welcome to the Blueprint

Zena Agha: Climate Apartheid in Palestine

Introducing: The Inaugural Blueprint Collection

MAB: The Tipping Point Must Be the Point of No Return

Jayati Ghosh: How to Build the Global Green New Deal

Ann Pettifor: Greenback, Greenback Dollar Bill

Mike Davis: C'est La Lutte Finale


Covid-19 Response

We are convening academics, advocates, activists, and community organizers to develop responses to Covid-19 that put people first by rethinking health and safety, trade and finance, and labor and social policy.

Reclaiming the World After Covid-19

The inaugural collection of the Progressive International Blueprint sets out a vision for an International Green New Deal.

Debt Justice

We are convening academics, advocates, activists, and community organizers to rethink international finance and redress the crisis of household, corporate, and sovereign debt.
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