The Progressive International welcomes Coalition for Revolution (CORE) to the Movement

CORE is a coalition of revolutionary socialist, Pan-Africanist and radical democratic organisations and political parties in Nigeria.
CORE was formed in 2018 as the AMPA-TIB Coalition.
CORE was formed in 2018 as the AMPA-TIB Coalition.

The Alliance for the Masses Political Alternative (AMPA) was an alliance of socialist organisations while Take It Back (TIB) movement is the extra-parliamentary platform of the African Action Congress (AAC), the leading left party at the 2019 general elections. The CORE Charter for Total Liberation is the coalition’s political programme and “Revolution Now” is its primary campaign launched on 5th August 2019.

You can find more information in the article "Building a Revolutionary party in Nigeria" from our Wire partner Africa Is a Country

Image of CORE activists participating in the EndSARS protests.

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Upon joining, Baba Aye, Co-convener of CORE, said:

“Capitalist greed has brought barbarism upon us and the far-right increasingly spreads reactionary ideas like racism, ethnicism meant to divide working-class people and youth. Never before has the need been so pressing for revolutionary and radical forces to unite and fight, within and between countries, for a better world. CORE thus proudly lifts the revolutionary banner high for social progress and ecological justice, in the ranks of the Progressive International”

You can also find a statement from Baba Aye calling for a people’s uprising against an illegitimate regime in Nigeria in theimmediate aftermath of the Lekki & Alausa massacre on our Wire page here.

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